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Our Floor Screed has moved.

Gardening, Groundcare & Outdoor Equipment


We offer a wide selection of equipment to do those essential outdoor jobs.

We have a range of Chippers for your gardening needs. Quickly chipping branches and trunks to small manageable chips.

Discharge chute can be positioned straight into a trailer or skip for ease of removal.

Stephill 36kva Supersilent Generator. Portable power whenever or wherever you need it. Durable, reliable and silent, generators are the number one choice in the construction industry.

Not only for work, generators provide a reliable back up power for outages at home.

Also an excellent source of quiet power for events, such as camping, parties and racing:







STIHL chain saws combine the newest technology with optimum performance. They have evolved into a range of specialist saws to meet every application, from work in your own garden to large agricultural jobs. These are available to hire or buy. Please contact our depot for more details.